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The Salt Route

The Salt Route is a ridge trail that crosses the Apennines of the four regions from north to south, a journey through time from Oltrepò Pavese to the Ligurian Sea. Traveling along old mule tracks and through territories imbued with an ancient and wild charm, to rediscover the enchantment of unspoiled nature and the echo of distant events.

Since the Middle Ages, wayfarers and traders used the Apennine ridges to transport on the backs of mules, salt to Lombardy, a precious commodity capable of preserving any food-meat and in particular salami, fish, coming all the way to the city, passing through Varzi, a center of trade. Not only that, salt was also needed for the artisan businesses that engaged in leather tanning and dyeing. Today that route is a staged trail that several hiking enthusiasts walk. These products that characterize local cuisine and traditions still link us to the Ligurian peoples.

A walk that is spread over 3 to 4 days depending on ability with intermediate stops along ridges and in inland villages in Piedmont and Liguria until reaching the sea with different outlets such as Recco, Camogli or Portofino depending on your choice. Four regions, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont and Liguria, are thus crossed.

Our Locanda is located in the center of the medieval village of Varzi, right at the entrance to the trail, ideal as a rest stop before resuming the next days walk. Route that attracts more and more every year both Italian and international tourists especially from Northern Europe. Trail credentials and a complete guidebook of all the stages with accompanying trail maps, entitled “La Via Del Sale” by Gianni Amerio, are for sale at the Inn.

I apologize to the ancient fable, if I don’t like the stingy ant.
I am on the side of the cicada that the most beautiful song does not sell, it gives away.

Gianni Rodari